Pclasp (@admin)
5 months ago

Fragrance For Men

There is just something about a man that smells divine when you walk by him. There are many scents from which to choose, and that is why I have become so disappointed in the new sprays that are marketed towards men like Tag. While they do smell OK, everyone is beginning to smell the same. If you want to smell great, but don’t want to smell like everyone else, you may want to spend a little more money and get a fragrance for men at a department store. Sure, more than one man will buy the same scent, but it is not as bad as the discount store body sprays that are popping up everywhere you look.

When it comes to fragrance for men, I used to love Polo. After that, I liked Polo Sport. I’m not sure if it was the scent or the man that was wearing it, but the Polo scents have always been something I liked. After a while my memories of these men became less favorable, and each of those particular fragrance for men became something I didn’t want to smell any longer.

My husband has been using the body spray and it has become something I hate. The reason fro this is because he smells like everyone else, and it can be quite confusing to me. I want a fragrance for men to remind me of my man and my man only, not everyone else I walk by on the street. I found some samples of fragrance for men in my Macy’s flyer and I have decided that the new Polo scent called “Black” seems to be something I might like him to wear. It might be called “Double Black,” though I can’t remember at the moment.

For Christmas this year, I will most definitely buy him this fragrance for men, and I will encourage him to throw away the cheap body spray. If you want your man to smell like he is yours and yours alone, you may want to go out and find a fragrance for men that you really like and get it for him. As long as he doesn’t think it’s horrible, you can rest assured that he will happily wear it for you. This will be especially true if you let him know how much you like it, and how much it turns you on. What man can resist the wish of his ladylove if she makes such a small request?