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Top Free Ping Submission Sites List (Updated)

why ping submission sites?

Ping submission sites help your site by alerting google or any other major search engine on your site or any new post on your site. And when Google notices your site or new any new post on your site “pinged” it indexes it. This is why ping submission sites are very helpful those who are having the problem in getting their site or post indexed on google. Get more than 100 free ping submission sites list 2019 and use it to ping your site, posts, and even backlinks.

What Is Pinging?

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Pinging is a process in which you submit your site or blog to different search engines or web directories by pinging tool. Pinging tool is very popular to index your site or blog to major search engines in short time. You will get an auto backlink from these tools which help to increase your site ranking in organic search results. Ping submission sites are extremely popular and could help your blog, posts and backlinks to indexed by these search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) faster or in no time.60% of the link building efforts just failed just because they weren’t indexed by Search Engines. This is where the ping submission sites can help.
In short, Ping Submission sites can add value to your link building strategy, and let them indexed by various Search Engines, Website Directories, News Websites, Content Aggregators and many others. Some other ways to build quality backlinks are search engine submission sites list, directory submission sites list, social bookmarking sites list, and profile creation sites.

How to use ping submission sites?

Using ping submission sites list of high Page rank and domain authority, you can more conventionally index your web content via hundreds of Search Engines. Here are the easy steps to use ping submission sites in a more effective way.

Just pick the ping submission site from the list of high PR ping submission sites 2020.
Type URL of your blog or website which you like to get indexed by search engines.
Now submit the ping by clicking on the save button.
You will receive a confirmation message just after a few seconds.
That’s it. You never need to signup there. Just a single click is strong enough to get your website/ blog or backlinks get crawled by search engines.

What is pinging and ping submission sites?

Pinging is a process which helps you in indexing your site, post, and backlinks to search engines, web directories, New Websites, Aggregators and Feed websites. And ping submission sites are the sites which help in doing this process of pinging. Here you just have to submit your URL to pinging sites which you wish to get indexed. And in no time, it will get indexed in search engines, web directories, news websites, and feed websites. In order to ping your URL or submit your URL to these sites, you have to use free ping submission sites list, listed in this post. These free ping submission sites list will help you to get your URLs indexed very fast. And thus getting your site indexed on the major search engines will eventually increase your organic traffic.

How to use ping submission sites?

It is a very easy and pretty simple process.
Using ping submission sites to index your URLs is no rocket science.
Then you have to open these sites one by one.
Once you enter the URL then you just need to hit the submit button in order to ping your site to search engines.
It is as simple as that.
There is a “Simple 4 Step Process” for pinging your URLs to ping submission sites.
First of all, you have to use this “Free Ping Submission Sites List 202 to find the ping submission sites.

There will be an input box in which you have to enter the URL which you want to get indexed by search engines. Sometimes you have to enter site title also.
There is no need to log in or to register on the ping submission sites.
So you can ping your new site, new post, or any of your newly created backlink which is not yet indexed by search engines.
And yes, it is completely free also.
And once it will get indexed your site will start getting organic traffic from search engines.
You can ping any URL which you wish to index on any ping submission sites in these simple 4 steps.
Which means more than 60% of your link building efforts are wasted for no reason.
A statistics says, more than 60% of backlinks created never gets indexed by search engines.
Yes, it says more than “60%”.Benefits of Free Ping Submission Sites.
And if you want to save that 60% of your efforts of link building then you should consider pinging.
There is not only one scenario where pinging sites are very helpful.
The other benefits of using these 100+ Free Ping Submission Sites 2019 are…
Ultra-fast indexing of your new site, new posts and new backlinks on search engines and web directories.
Increase in Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP’s) by getting faster indexing.
Great Visibility on search engines, due to increase in SERP’s Rankings.
Increase in organic traffic from search engines due to higher SERP results
These are few advantages of using free ping submission sites list.
There are many more advantages of using pinging sites.
And the best part is most of the pinging sites are free.

What Are Ping Submission Sites?

Pings submission sites allow users to submit their Website, Blog Post, Backlinks to major search engines, News sites, and web directories sites by simply entering their URL and keywords. These Ping Submission Sites can help your website for faster Indexing and can index your website, backlinks and blog post in no time.

How Pinging Can Help You in Your LinkBuilding Strategies.

It happens with most of the people out there.
Most of the people only focus on creating backlinks in their link building campaigns.
Which results in getting more than 60% of backlinks not getting indexed on google.
And they just leave the indexing job to Google or any other search engine.
But I don’t want to let this happen to you. And therefore, I am suggesting you use this free ping submission sites list.

Benefits of free ping submission sites ?

Ping submission sites are the most advantageous due to extraordinary outcomes listed as follows:

Through ping submission sites, you can easily submit your blog, website as well as backlinks to numerous search engines and directories.
These sites notify all search engines about the new content and backlinks. Hence, they are mighty helpful to improve your SEO and SERP ranking.
These sites are absolutely free and more convenient with the comparison to other off-page SEO tricks such as link submission, bookmarking and directory submission, etc.
You will get high quality converting traffic to your website or blog and the widest online presence of your brand new business and websites.

Free Ping Submission Sites List 2020

1 http://www.pingomatic.com
2 http://www.pingler.com
3 http://www.pingmylink.com/
4 http://www.pingoat.net
5 http://www.blogsearch.google.com/ping
6 http://pingmyblog.com/
7 http://www.twingly.com/ping
8 http://www.weblogs.com/
9 http://auto-ping.com/
10 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/
11 http://blogsearch.google.com/
12 http://pingomatic.com/
13 http://blogs.yandex.ru/
14 http://twingly.com/
15 http://mypagerank.net/
16 http://auto-ping.com/
17 http://icerocket.com/
18 http://blo.gs/
19 http://bitacoras.com/
20 http://pingler.com/
21 http://blogpingtool.com/
22 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/
23 http://pingmyblog.com/
24 http://weblogs.com/
25 http://ping.in/
26 http://googleping.com/
27 http://www.icerocket.com/
28 http://bitacoras.com/
29 http://www.ping.in/
30 http://totalping.com/
31 http://rpc.weblogs.com/
32 http://www.totalping.com/
33 http://www.autopinger.com/
34 http://www.googleping.com
35 http://www.weblogalot.com/ping
36 http://ipings.com
37 http://geourl.org/ping
38 http://www.pingerati.net
39 http://www.feedsubmitter.com
40 http://ping.feedburner.com
41 http://bulkfeeds.net/rpc
42 http://www.blogdigger.com/RPC2
43 http://www.blogshares.com/rpc.php
44 http://www.blogsnow.com/ping
45 http://www.allpodcasts.com/
46 http://www.bulkping.com
47 http://www.blogbuzzer.com
48 http://www.auto-ping.com
49 http://www.icerocket.com
50 http://www.bitacoras.com
51 http://www.blo.gs
52 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com
53 http://www.blogpingtool.com
54 http://blogmatcher.com/u.php
55 http://pingsitemap.com/
56 http://coreblog.org/ping/
57 http://ping.amagle.com/
58 http://ping.bitacoras.com
59 http://ping.blo.gs/
60 http://www.pingmyblog.com
61 http://www.weblogues.com/RPC/
62 http://xmlrpc.blogg.de
63 http://www.pingfarm.com/
64 http://www.bulkping.com/
65 http://mypagerank.net/service_pingservice_index
66 http://www.pingbomb.com/
67 http://www.backlinkping.com/
68 http://www.pingsitemap.com/
69 http://www.indexkings.com/
70 http://www.addurl.nu/
71 http://www.blogbuzzer.com/
72 http://api.feedster.com/ping
73 http://api.moreover.com/RPC2
74 http://api.moreover.com/ping
75 http://www.backlinkping.com
76 http://www.pingsitemap.com
77 http://www.blogpingtool.com
78 http://blogmatcher.com/u.php
79 http://pingsitemap.com/
80 http://www.weblogues.com/RPC/
81 http://xmlrpc.blogg.de
82 http://www.pingfarm.com/
83 http://ping.in/
84 http://googleping.com/
85 http://www.icerocket.com/
86 http://bitacoras.com/
87 http://www.blogsearch.google.com/ping
88 http://pingmyblog.com/
89 http://www.twingly.com/ping
90 http://blogsearch.google.com/
91 http://pingomatic.com/
92 http://www.blogdigger.com/RPC2
93 http://www.blogshares.com/rpc.php
94 http://www.blogsnow.com/ping
95 http://www.allpodcasts.com/
96 http://blogmatcher.com/u.php
97 http://pingsitemap.com/
98 http://coreblog.org/ping/
99 http://ping.amagle.com/
100 http://www.blogpingtool.com