Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

easy dinner

My husband exchanged vows with me knowing that I was not much of an expert in the kitchen. Despite the fact that my mother has always tried to teach me more enhanced cooking abilities, I still prefer to cook dinners in the microwave. What can I say, I lived alone for many years through college and beyond, and hated to do dishes. Now that I'm married and have children, I try to cook more often, but I'm always looking for an easy dinner. My kids don't let me have too much time in the evening to prepare an elaborate meal in the kitchen. I'm limited to about 30 minutes until they get stir crazy and start running around the house like maniacs.

It isn't always easy to find something that you can turn into an easy dinner. I want my kids to eat healthy and enjoy their dinners. A lot of the recipes that I've found sound absolutely delicious but require about 20 ingredients and quite a bit of prep time. Sure, there are evenings that I prepare a nice dinner ahead of time for the next day, but after I serve dinner, go through two bedtime routines for my children and get them tucked in, the last thing I want to do is make a mess in my kitchen and clean it - again.

A friend of mine bought me a recipe book called, The Four Ingredient Cookbook. I laughed at it at first, but after sitting down to scan it, I discovered some wonderful recipes that would make for a very easy dinner. Of course, the cookbook doesn't list recipes that involve more than four major ingredients and the cook times are relatively short. In my opinion, almost every recipe in there could provide an easy dinner. What I love is that the book is geared towards people in my situation, who have little time and aren't aspiring to be a chef. If you want an easy dinner, you'll find lots of ideas that you can prepare.

My son's favorite meal, which is a very easy dinner to make, is macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. Not incredibly nutritious, but an easy dinner and once a week certainly won't hurt him. My favorite easy dinner that I discovered in the recipe book is chicken parmesan. All I have to do is thaw chicken, drown them in sauce, put cheese on top of it, and cook it. Very easy dinner for anyone to make, and it tastes wonderful. This cookbook is practically a "must" if you're in my shoes. You will fall in love with it and your family will think that you are a genius in the kitchen.