Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Early American furniture comes in all shapes and forms. You can find rustic antiques that have stood the test of time and you can find reproductions of magnificent furniture as well. Antique early American furniture that is in mint condition will be quite expensive but it also makes a great investment.

Following are three top picks in early American furniture. These items are just a few of the many types and styles of antique furnishings available. The items that I have chosen are simply personal favorites of mine that I would like to share. Any one of these early American furnishings would suit just about any style home.

My first favorite is a table called a low boy. The low boy is a short accent table that stands a little higher than your average coffee table. This is a favorite piece of early American furniture because it is so unique and it is intricate in detailed design. This is more than just an accent for any room.

The low boy looks almost like a miniature desk. It has drawers that boast beautiful edging designs and it has a wonderful scalloped top that almost looks like polished marble. This item is a rare find in early American furniture so you can expect to pay quite a bit for a quality piece. Common material used for the low boy included cherry wood which is also a personal favorite of mine.

The Windsor chair is quickly recognized as a staple of early American furniture. This item can be found in antique stores but you can also find the Windsor chair in reproduction as well. I love the classic design that has a very homey appeal. The country style offered by this classic in early American furniture is comfortable and inviting.

Since the Windsor chair can be easily found as a reproduction you can get the look and feel of early American furniture in your home for the fraction of the price of an actual antique collection. A good woodworker will create a product that is heirloom quality for a very reasonable price.

My final pick is the Shaker chest. This is a prime example of quality hand crafted early American furniture. The dovetail design pieces together like a puzzle and the craftsmanship is truly mind-boggling. This is truly an investment because a reproduction would cost a lot of money. An original antique Shaker sells very well at auction and it is a great investment.

Early American furniture comes in all different styles from the formal low boy to the charming country feel of the Windsor chair. You can find great items as investments or you can get a great deal on a reproduction.