Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Donate A Car

If you are of a mind to help out a charity you don’t have to part with any of your money if you don’t want to, you can go out and donate a car if you like. I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never known anyone who has done it. It’s a great idea though, and had someone not stolen my last car, I would have done it myself. My last car was not in bad shape, but wasn’t something I wanted to resell. It ran good but the body was something of a mess. I loved it though, and that’s why I had it for so long. You have to love a car that can fly up the mountains around me at a steady sixty miles per hour without missing a beat.

There are many charities that encourage you to donate a car, though I’m not sure what they do with them after that. If a car is in bad enough shape, is it better to junk it or donate it. Perhaps the folks that accept the car sell the parts or something, and the proceeds go to charity. What happens to after you donate a car? It is indeed a mystery to me, though I have never really thought about it until now. What would anyone want with my junk car anyway?

Though I don’t know what happens to the automobile after you donate a car, I do know that many places what you to do it, and it is considered a charitable donation. When you fill out your taxes that year, you can deduct the value of the car as a charity donation. Don’t lie about how much it is worth though, as this can get you into big trouble. You should get a receipt from the place you takes your car, and this is what you should show to your accountant or tax preparer.

If you want to donate a car, but have no idea who would want it, you can always search online. You will find many charities that will accept your car, and if you visit their website they will tell you how to donate a car, and possibility give you a local place you can go to do so. If you can’t find the information on their web page, you can go ahead and contact them via email or phone and ask. If you find that they don’t want what you have to offer, someone else is sure to take it.