Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Dinner theater

Living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has its share of advantages. When I was growing up, I didn't recognize any of them. I simply thought that my area was too conservative and focused on the Amish. I never took the time to look around me. Now that I'm an adult and have become incredibly interested in the arts, I look around my hometown with amazement. We are lucky enough to have many museums and theaters that can be absolutely spectacular.

I first went to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater in my senior year of high school. That's actually what started my love of the arts, to be honest. There was something wonderful about being in that dinner theater that captured my heart. Instead of going out to dinner prior to the performance and worrying about getting there on time, you arrive and have a lavish dinner there. Once the dinner is over, the performance begins. What's even better is that the dinner theater also sells some tickets to individuals who don't want to eat the meal, they simply want to enjoy the show. The tickets for the performance only are obviously less expensive.

After that first show, I was hooked. I loved getting dressed up for the dinner theater. I loved feeling like I doing something important and contributing more to the elite lifestyle. Being interested in the arts and wanting to expand my horizons by being interested in new things made me not only more educated but well-rounded. There is another dinner theater that I visited and also rather enjoyed tremendously. It is called the Rainbow Dinner Theater. To be honest, I couldn't tell you which one I enjoy more, but I tend to visit whichever one has a more appealing show for me.

Visiting my grandparents in Florida after my 21st birthday, my family and I decided to go to Medieval Times dinner theater. Of course, if you've ever been there, it is completely different than any other dinner theater you've ever been too. It isn't just a play or musical, it is live entertainment and excitement. Plus, when your meal arrives, there isn't any silverware. If you're a bit of a messy eater, don't wear anything fancy to this dinner theater! The knights and wenches and horses just perfect the evening's entertainment. I think that my entire family walked out of the dinner theater that night completely amazed. It had been well worth the money. I wish that someone would decide to open up a Medieval Times in Lancaster County. With all of the Amish around here, we have plenty of horses!