Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

My husband is a coffee drinker. He loves coffee any time of the day. Making a pot in the morning is the first thing that he does. He has a cup while he is getting ready for work; he drinks another cup with his breakfast and then takes a travel mug for his commute. He also drinks coffee throughout the day at work and we often have a pot of decaf coffee in the evenings. He will basically drink any kind of coffee, but I tend to like a strong rich blend.

I have been concerned about the amount of coffee that my husband consumes. There seems to be new and different studies regarding the pros and cons of drinking coffee. Each study seems to have a different out come. I did convince him to switch to decaf coffee in the evenings. This has helped with his sleeping patterns. Prior to switching to decaf coffee my husband would fall asleep as soon as he would get into bed, but then he would wake up a couple of hours later and would have a very difficult time falling back to sleep. I mentioned this to a friend of ours that is a physician. He stated that this is often a side effect of caffeine. When I mentioned this to my husband he was resistive to trying decaf coffee. He said that he had tried some a few years ago and thought it tasted bitter and gave him an acid stomach.

I went to a coffee shop that sells brewed coffee as well as beans and blends. I asked if they could recommend a good decaffeinated blend that would not be bitter. I was told that the decaffeination process has been improved over the years, especially if you bought beans that have gone through a natural decaffeination process. I bought a pound of beans and made a pot of the decaf coffee that evening. My husband thought it was very good and he did not experience the acid stomach. He agreed that he would drink this coffee in the evenings to see if it would help with his sleeping patterns.

Within three days of switching to the decaf coffee he no longer had the problem of waking up during the night. He has also agreed to drink more water during the day in an effort to cut down on the amount of coffee he drinks. I think he has agreed to this because he read a study that coffee consumption can affect your prostate health.