Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

My son is going to be living off campus this year. His first two years of college he lived in the dorms, but he and a group of friends have found a house that they want to rent this year. He feels that the money he will save living off campus will allow him to work less hours at his job and free up more time for studying. He is a finance major and is getting into the more difficult level classes. The only problem with renting the house is that it is not furnished and none of the guys have furniture.

I know the parents of one of the other students. We talked about the furniture issue and decided that if we would give them some of our furniture we could buy new pieces for our homes. We have a love seat and matching chair that need new cushion covers, but other wise they are in good shape. The other parents have a sofa and a coffee table that they could donate. Their sofa also needs new cushion covers. Each of the boys have beds and dressers from when they lived in the dorms.

The other parent and I made arrangements to go shopping for fabric for the cushion covers together. That way the furniture will look nicer together. We met at a large fabric store. Our love seat and chair has plain tan upholstery, I knew it would be difficult to match, but I thought if I could find a coordinating print the pieces would look nice. The sofa was in a chocolate brown solid. We found a stripped upholstery fabric on one of the remnant sale tables. One stripe was chocolate brown one was tan and then there was a rust and green stripe. The fabric was very masculine looking and coordinated well with the sofa, chair and love seat. We had each brought in the measurements that we needed for the cushion covers. There was more than enough of the remnant fabric to make the cushion covers for the three pieces. We had to buy the entire piece because it was on sale. We decided that we could make a matching floor pillow out or the remaining fabric.

Neither one of us have made cushion covers before so we decided to do this together. I brought my portable sewing machine and the love seat and chair cushions over to the other parent’s home. We both have watched home make over shows on televisions so we tried to follow what we had seen on these shows. The cushion covers turned out to look really nice. Once we saw the finished product we wished we were keeping the pieces for our own homes.