Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

We usually take our spice containers for granted but some find collectible salt and pepper shakers to be very interesting to say the least. I never really had an interest in collecting such items until I moved into an old home that boasts a lot of cabinet space. A lot of the space is encased in glass so I wanted to find interesting objects to arrange in these areas.

The challenge was finding objects that were nice to look at but ones that were still small enough to fit on the relatively little shelves. I think that the shelves were originally designed specifically for canned goods. While I do like canned food, I’m not much into looking at my stock of it every time I enter my kitchen.

Collectable salt and pepper shakers seemed to be a good choice for the space. They fit nicely in the shorter shelves and they provide interest and color for the area. There are some things to think about when you start an arrangement of collectable salt and pepper shakers that I learned the hard way.

First of all, check out your local Salvation Army, Good Will and second hand stores. You can find a ton of great collectable salt and pepper shakers for next to nothing. I started my search in more expensive antique stores and while I found some wonderful items I also found equally valuable collectable salt and pepper shakers for less money at the thrift stores.

Yard sales are wonderful for finding collectable salt and pepper shakers because people often begin collections and soon grow weary of the process. Sometimes the items were given as gifts that just wound up collecting dust instead of the person’s interests. These collectable salt and pepper shakers are remarkably cheap.

When you are shopping for these items you may want to pick up singles as well. Many people sell valuable collectable salt and pepper shakers that have lost their match. However, these can be sought-after collectables that many would pay a good deal to get. I skipped buying one at a flea market. My sister bought it and sold it on EBay for more than either of us expected.

Collectable salt and pepper shakers are great starter projects for anyone who wants to start their first collection. They are inexpensive. They take up little space and some of them are absolutely beautiful as well.