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6 months ago

Clash T Shirt

Band merchandise is big business, especially clothing. Devoted fans like to proclaim their hero worship to the world. When you go to a gig, you're in a euphoric mood and easily parted with your money. The Clash has a huge following from their ten year existence and a Clash t shirt is a badge of honor.

The band is known for its cool image and their album covers are artfully designed. Their left wing lyrics and punk credentials appeal to a wide fan base. The music embraced reggae too and their musicianship and songwriting was superior to a lot of other bands around at the time. They were determined not to sell out and they never did and they are still respected for that. The line up was Joe Strummer on rhythm guitar, Mick Jones on lead guitar, Paul Simonon on bass and drummer Topper Headon. They all moodily look out from a Clash t shirt, some of which have prints from their record covers.

The China Rocks shirt has a large, Chinese dragon. Another shirt has a skull and crossbones motif, with a Japanese version with Japanese writing. The Skull and crossbones design is repeated on the Straight 2 Hell Clash t shirt, with the added picture of four playing cards. A simple design called Revolution prints out the band's name with a small red star underneath.

Their first album, simply called The Clash, is commemorated by a print taken from the cover. It shows the members posing moodily next to a wall. Two more shirts are taken from covers. Give 'Em Enough Rope is from their second album and looks like a brightly colored cowboy scene from the hot desert. Their third album, London Calling, is also remembered on a Clash t shirt. It's the most well known of the albums and therefore, the most sought after piece of merchandise. The record also gave fans the hit single of the title. The picture is of a silhouetted figure with a guitar, head down and legs askew.

Sadly, Joe Strummer died of a heart attack in 2002. Fans were shocked at the sudden departure of the man who was the heart of the band. He leaves a legacy of songs and images to remember him by. The band was inventive and intelligent, going beyond the boundaries of punk rock and coming up with surprises. In a world of manufactured and bland pop, they are still a breath of fresh air.