Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Remember that movie with Sean Connery called the "Medicine Man?" He actually found the cure for cancer in this flick. WOW! Can you even imagine the stellar impact this would have on our world? So many people and so much suffering would be put to an end. If we only had a cure to this one measly illness. Okay, so it's not so measly. But there are just so many more out there. In the big scheme of things, one sort of illness doesn't sound like a lot. Then again, I'm addressing the big bad, aren't I. Nothing seems worse than cancer to me. It's that sneaky health affliction that can attack you at and time. There's no vaccination for it. Now, what about the cancer causes? Surely by now we have some understanding of where this pesky illness derives from and why it attacks some and not others.

We are always learning more about diseases and how they affect our bodies and minds. Cancer is definitely in the top ten that are researched regularly. We want to know cancer causes and how to prevent this illness from striking. Well, the truth is we do know quite a bit from studies done around the globe. One of the major cancer causes concerns food. Yes indeed, that stuff you eat everyday could be pushing you closer and closer to cancer's doorstep. Want to know a few products that should be avoided? Well, I'm going to real them off anyway. Salt, sugar, saturated sat, GMOs, cholesterol, and many more. One that I think is not commonly discussed is dairy. I recently found out that calcium received from dairy products can be harmful to men. In fact, they encourage the onset of prostate cancer. YIKES! No men want this! Other causes are foods loaded with fat. This is one thing that's redundantly said regarding cancer causes. Stay away from a high fat diet! It's terrible any way you slice it.

Any fool can tell you that one of the major cancer causes is smoking and second-hand smoke. This should be a given in this day and age. The diet, however, is a factor not realized by many. Well, now that you know, it's time to pay attention. Watch what you put into your body. Food is amongst the major cancer causes. A poor diet will damage you over time.