Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Sometimes charging-it is our only option. In life we run into major expenses or fluke bills that require attention, regardless of whether or not we have the cash handy. Imagine how often businesses encounter random expenses. From what I've witnessed, this can happen pretty regularly. This is where business credit cards come into the picture. Restaurants, hotels, antique shops, coffee houses and many more will need this kind of financial backing just in case. For some it's how they purchase large quantities, and for others it's a mere fall-back plan. When it comes down to it, I guess you could say that we rely on credit cards quite a bit.

There is an alternative side to the business credit cards. Not everyone is running a company or ice cream shop that requires large purchases. Some individuals carry business credit cards for plain old travel and lodging expenses. I spoke with one gentleman, who seemed to have quite the routine down. You see he was a traveling salesman. I believe he dealt with software. Anyway, he was sitting at my bar one night, and he started laying it all out. Now, I couldn't help but notice that the guy liked Miller Lite. He had just ordered his 32nd one that day. Yeah, you heard it right; 32 Miller Lites. He had been sitting at my bar since noon when we opened and it was now 12:45 at night. I asked him who paid for all his food and beverages. I assumed he had business credit cards to take care of it, but I was wondering how he was going to explain so much beer. He let out a snicker and told me it was a simple process. He just writes it off as food. This sounded odd to me since he was sitting in a hotel lounge with the word "BAR" in the title. I informed him of this and he then asked me to change the name of the place on the receipt. Ha, I told him it was impossible. He didn't look so jovial after that. I'm not so sure the business credit cards are going to be footing the bill after all.

Although business credit cards are a wonderful asset when you're traveling on business, try and be certain you don't abuse the power. I'm pretty sure a couple hundred dollars worth the alcohol won't look good as a business expense. Treat your business credit cards with respect and rest easy when the boss talks to you about it.