Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

If you live in an apartment, owning a rabbit might prove a challenge for you. However, if you live in a home that has a backyard, this might be a fun pet for everyone in the family. Most people think of cats, dogs of goldfish when choosing a four-legged or finned family friend, but a rabbit is actually great too. In addition to be a very quiet, furry companion they are very affordable to keep. In fact, you can build a rabbit cage fairly inexpensively and generally all by yourself.

The first thing you need to do is decide where in your yard you’re going to keep the bunny. Next to a fence is a perfect choice as you can rest the cage next to the fence, and even attach it if you live where it’s windy quite often. To build a rabbit cage you don’t need any expensive materials. Most people use a piece of plywood along with some wire.

You can also use just wire for the majority of the cage. This allows a better view of the rabbit and it also cuts down considerably on any odors. However, it doesn’t afford any shade at all the animal, so it’s advisable that you build a rabbit cage that has at least a small covered space.

A hammer and nails are essential as you need to hold the wood and wire together. A door should be placed within easy reach so that you can feed, pet and remove the rabbit. Remember when you build a rabbit cage that you will need to be able to clean it out every week. Therefore design should be simple as any nooks or crevices will be more difficult to disinfect.

If there are little ones in your home, have a talk with them about how to properly care for the new pet. Children are very inquisitive and love touching and holding animals. Explain that they should always ask someone older to help them open and close the door. Many a rabbit cage door has been left ajar only to let the animal run away forever.

Kids love to help in all capacities when it comes to taking care of the bunny. Let them have a say in which one to buy at the pet store and even include them when it comes time to build a rabbit cage. Although you certainly don’t want a five-year-old handling a power tool, they can hold and use a paint brush as long as they’re wearing something that can be splattered with paint.

Feed and play with the rabbit each day and remember that being kind to every animal is very important. Rabbits can live many years and with the proper care and nutrition your bunny will stay healthy and happy. When you build a rabbit cage that is strong and secure, he or she will also be safe.