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6 months ago

Cleanliness is always important when it comes to good health. This is especially true when it comes to babies. Small babies are dependent on their parents and caregivers to make certain that the environment that they grow up in is as clean as it can possibly be. When an infant is using bottles, a bottle sterilizer is a great investment.

Many mothers try and nurse after the birth of their babies, but that isn’t always possible. Some parents choose to have their child on formula for nourishment. In this case the parent has to worry about bottles and depending on the type of bottle, keeping them clean. If you are using glass or hard plastic bottles a bottle sterilizer works well. There are several models to choose from, and each has its benefits.

The one that many people use is the type that fits into your microwave. You place the bottles and the tops into the bottle sterilizer along with some water. Once placed in the microwave, the water heats creating a cloud of hot steam inside the bottle sterilizer. This works well to sterilize the baby’s bottles.

Probably the design that most people are familiar with is the electrical type. This one is the easiest to use and can sit atop the counter between uses. An electric bottle sterilizer plugs into an electrical outlet and holds a number of bottles of varying sizes. It also has a spot for the bottle tops. Once filled with water, it runs on its own until an indicator light lets you know that the bottles are ready for use.

Some new parents think that all they have to do to sterilize a bottle is wash it in hot, soapy water. This is a great first step but it’s not going to do the same job as a bottle sterilizer would. You really need to have the bottle subjected to a very high temperature in order for them to be sterilized properly and this simply can’t be done in soapy water.

If you know someone who is going to have a baby soon, this actually makes a perfect gift. You can find a bottle sterilizer in many stores that sell baby products. The Internet is also a good resource for finding all types of baby products including sterilizers.

As with all electrical or heated devices it’s really important that you keep it away from small hands. Children are so inquisitive and when they see something that looks interesting, they have a desire to investigate it further. If you have a toddler in the house keep the sterilizer high enough that they can’t get near it.