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6 months ago

Native Americans were highly skilled and knowledgeable in the uses of plant medicines. Each tribe had a Shaman, a person whose knowledge encompassed healing plants and all matters spiritual, and was passed down through generations. We have much to be thankful for to these native natural healers.

One of the plants considered a staple in every tribe was Black Cohosh, a powerfully healing plant of great benefit to women. Although this plant was useful in other unusual conditions, this root was a virtual panacea for women's ailments. For this reason, it was named Squaw root, the woman's healer. Black Cohosh root is an herb you may want to add to your medicine cabinet. Its healing power has not been diminished by years.

Black Cohosh may be used to regulate monthly cycles and promote a healthy menstrual response, diminishing the pains of cramping and bloating.

During pregnancy, the root relieves the pain and discomfort attendant to your condition. Frequent doses of the tea, when close to your due date, helps to achieve a quick and (relatively!) easy delivery. This root acts directly on the tissues of the reproductive system and indirectly on the nervous system. During delivery, Black Cohosh root stimulates contractions of the uterus. Following delivery, the root enigmatically does an about-face, soothing congestion and irritation of the vagina, uterus and cervix. A miraculous plant indeed.

Black Cohosh is also useful in cases of nervous tension, often a concern for women during their monthly cycles. Combined with other herbs geared to the relief of anxiety and stress-related tension, Cohosh root is particularly helpful for anxiety and general emotional disorders, including hysteria. Life in modern society demands a respite such as offered by the Black Cohosh root.

For nervous tension, try a combination of stress combatants and feel the relief. Along with Black Cohosh root, include Valerian, Passion Flower, Hops, Scullcap and Ginger root. Consult a naturopathic physician or herbalist to guide you in an appropriate mix and ratios.

Outside of a woman's perspective, Cohosh root is a valuable addition to your family medicine cabinet. Black Cohosh root, much like Hawthorne Berry and Cayenne, has a tonic effect on your heart and circulation. In the fluid extract form, Black Cohosh root has demonstrated the ability to reduce blood pressure and hypertension, in addition to regulating blood cholesterol.

Ironically, the Cohosh root is one of the few currently medically recognized remedies for certain cases of tinnitus, ringing in the ears. Although unproven, the root appears to positively influence circulation problems and some forms of vertigo.

Native Americans made full use of the Black Cohosh root, and you should too! Consult with your physician for contraindications. We can all agree this humble plant deserves a place in your first aid kit.