Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

My son’s first birthday party was coming up and I wanted to make the celebration something that would be memorable. I knew that he’d never remember it, but I did want it to be a special day for myself, my husband and all of our relatives. Since he was the first grandchild, it was the first birthday party we’d have for a little one in years. I started my planning with looking for birthday invitations to print from my home computer.

There are a lot of cute invitations that can be purchased in stationary stores. I checked those out first but soon realized that simply filling in his name, our address and the date of the party on a dotted line, seemed so impersonal. Many of the birthday invitations I’d viewed online were easy to personalize and adaptable. I could even change the colors and font if I wanted. I found a website that had dozens of different styles of birthday invitations to print from home.

Babies don’t really have preferences unless it comes to the limited menu they are presented. I wanted to pick birthday invitations that weren’t overly masculine but still indicated that the party was for a little boy. The design I chose featured an adorable carton duck on the front, holding a banner that I could place my son’s name on.

Inside was blank which meant I could add any information I chose. I didn’t just have to use the pre-written text that was supplied in the standard birthday invitations. I added the date of the party along with some other details including a small image of him when he was a baby and one from just recently. I thought it would help make the birthday invitation, something of a keepsake for those who received it.

The paper was the next consideration. I certainly could have used a standard piece of white paper when I was ready for the birthday invitations to print, but I wanted something that was thicker and resembled a regular card.

I found some card stock at a local paper store. It came in several different colors so I chose a very pale blue. I sent one of the birthday invitations to print on my printer so I could ensure that everything looked good before printing a bunch. I just needed to make a couple of small alterations in the text to center it and they were ready to go.

People loved them! I received tons of compliments about the invitations and how professional they looked. When you consider the money I spent for the birthday invitations to print from my home computer compared to having them specially ordered at a local stationary store, I saved quite a bit. That was actually a good thing considering how much the birthday cake I ordered cost.