Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

In general, I am not a chef. In my house, I do very little of the cooking, although I do enjoy it when I get the chance. The one thing that I have always loves to cook, and insist on cooking every time, is barbecued meat. I love barbecuing, grilling, roasting, smoking – anything that involves placing a good cut of meat over high heat and open flames.

I have to confess that one of the things I like about this form of cooking is that it is so easy to get good results. As long as you have the rights barbeque sauce, you can not go wrong. Until recently, I never had to try a barbecue sauce recipe, because there was a locally made barbecue sauce called Memphis Minnie's that was just simply spectacular. Unfortunately, it recently went under.

I tried cooking with other locally available barbecue sauce recipes, but it was just not the same. People who had praised my cooking in the past were much less lavish with their praise. I just could not get the same results. I looked everywhere for a barbecue sauce recipe that would duplicate the flavor of Memphis Minnie's, but it was all in vain.

Finally, I figured out that I would have to invent my own barbecue sauce recipe. I had no idea how to go about doing this, and had to learn all kinds of new things. Preparing a barbecue sauce recipe is not as easy as you might think. You have to strike a delicate balance between preserving the flavor, and creating something that is delicious immediately after it is cooked. Almost any good barbecue sauce recipe, it turns out, has to be used within a week of being prepared. Otherwise, it will become stale.

The fact that I lost my favorite recipe for barbecue sauce turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You see, once I started experimenting with barbecue sauce recipes, I found out quickly that you can make something that is much more delicious than anything you can buy in the store. As long as you are able to use it up within the next couple days, you can make something that is spectacularly flavorful and much more healthy than any commercially available barbecue sauce recipe. Knowing this, I have decided to never buy barbecue sauce again. Why would I, when I can make something that tastes much better? I never got so many compliments before!