Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Avian Pandemic

It’s something that comes and goes on the news, but it is also something that you should think about. I’m not saying you should panic and run around the streets yelling, “The flu is coming! The flu is coming,” but perhaps you should consider a few things. Do you have a family emergency stash? This is not something to take lightly. Every family should have one of these, and they should have it in case of any sort of emergency. The avian pandemic may or may not materialize, but won’t you feel better knowing your family is ready in the face of any type of disaster?

The avian pandemic is something that might cripple our nation for a period of time if we aren’t prepared for it. The stuff you need to be ready is the same stuff you would have in any emergency kit. If you look online, you can find great articles about what every family should have stashed away in the event something happens. You need food, water, medications, hygiene items, pet supplies, money, and many, many other things that you may not have considered. If an avian pandemic or other natural disaster happens, you have to know you can survive for at least a few weeks without leaving the house.

You may also want to find out if your community is ready. Many are running drills to be sure they are ready in the event of an avian pandemic or for any other disaster for that matter. Recent events in our country have shown us how unprepared we really are. We just assume that everything is taken care of and that help will be there when it is needed the most, but we have found out that this is not true. If there were to be an avian pandemic, you may find that you are totally on your own. Find out what your community has done to prepare.

The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself for an avian pandemic. If you have an emergency kit in your home, you aren’t going to have to venture out when you are told not to. You will also be able to put it out of your mind somewhat because you know if something happens you are ready. The avian pandemic may or may not come about, but in this world we should realize more than ever that things could happen that we do not expect, and that anything is possible.