Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Are you Hollywood bound? If this sounds like your golden path to success, then by all means go for it! But, don't be surprised when you arrive in L.A. and see thousands of others doing the very same thing. Okay, that's probably understated. I meant millions of others. Anyhow, you get the point. The competition is definitely fierce. No fear, you're planning ahead, right? Maybe you're currently enrolled in a high school drama class or spend your free time learning from acting books. This is a good start. Anything is always better than nothing at all. The more preparation you can get the better.

I've heard a few stories about the acting scene. Actually I've heard things from both ends. In high school I had one friend, who was set on New York and the Broadway scene. She wanted to do theater so badly. As I'm sure you can guess, this is extremely competitive. Probably worse than Hollywood even. Talk about talent. The New York scene requires you to have it all. A couple acting books won't get you there. You need looks, charisma, a great singing voice, and wonderful stage presence. If you've got all these, then good luck to you. As like many Broadway attempts, my friend's failed. She was bummed for a bit, but you move on. Then there was my buddy back in college, who headed for Tinsel Town after acquiring his mass communications degree. He had read countless acting books and taken a number of drama classes in college. I definitely thought his skills were up to par. However, after four years of auditions, he finally gave up. The problem did not lie with his acting, but with his appearance. As sad as it may be, producers and directors expect you to have both talent and stellar good looks. If one is missing, you may not get the gigs.

Sure, acting is a tough business. We all know and understand this from countless stories we've heard through friends and on television. It's nothing new. If you think you truly have what it takes to vie in Hollywood or New York, then I suggest you begin with a few acting books. Get an idea of what skills you need. Also, be sure to study drama and hone your skills before hitting the competitive L.A. scene.