Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

As the matron of honor you sometimes have to be included in some major decisions. The event was very small and the bride was considering whether or not she wanted a friend of hers to make the cake. Wedding cake decorating is an intimidating process but her friend insists that she will do a wonderful job.

We have talked the whole thing over a number of times and if the lady has a grasp on wedding cake decorating methods then maybe this would be the best choice for the couple. They are not able to spend a lot of money because neither of them have parents who are able to contribute to the event. The cost of the ceremony and the reception lies in the hands of the couple.

My husband and I paid for our own wedding and reception and I have to admit that I did consider taking some courses on wedding cake decorating myself. I wound up buying three sheet cakes that I placed on tiers. My wedding cake decorating skills were so lacking that I just put fresh flowers on the cakes and went with that.

I did get a lot of great feedback but that was only because many of the guests thought that the flowers were hand drawn with icing. They were amazed by my wedding cake decorating skills until they got up close to the display. My pastry was fine but really nothing amazing.

The bride for this event does want something special but she can’t envision paying up to eight bucks per slice of cake for the event. Her friend is offering to take on the task of the wedding cake decorating as a present for the couple. The bride and I decided to look up some information about the process before giving a response.

The lady is a natural when it comes to baking and her regular birthday cake decorations are amazing. Everyone wants to see what she is going to do next. She is a wonder when it comes to baking as well as designing. She is very talented but is she talented enough for wedding cake decorating, too?

We immediately went to about.com to find out whether the average cook could take on such a project. I wish that I would have consulted this site before my reception. This site takes you through each and every step of the wedding cake decorating project. It includes everything from the supplies that you will need to the final touches.

The bride decided to accept the gift and I have to say that she made the right decision. The wedding cake decorating project looked very professional. Ironically, the designer used fresh flowers on the arrangement. Great minds think alike.