Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Tree Climbing

This past summer, my little girl decided she wanted to start climbing a tree in our yard. She was having a hard time, but was determined to get up off of the ground to catch a squirrel. As I stood near her ready to catch her in case she fell, I remembered my days of tree climbing when I was a young child. She wasn’t going very high, mind you, but I was petrified that she might fall. I wondered when I had become so over protective, because I was tree climbing for most of my younger days, and I never really got hurt.

I guess things have changed since back then, but one thing does remain the same. Children will always be fascinated with climbing up trees and anything else that catches their eye. If you want to be paranoid about tree climbing, that is certainly your right as a parent. If you don’t want to slow down their sense of adventure and exploration of their world, go ahead and buy them some protective gear and let them go nuts. Well, within reason anyway.

The commonly used protective gear for tree climbing is probably what you might wear for rock climbing or bike riding, and you can find this stuff just about anywhere. You can buy a helmet for tree climbing that fits securely on the head, and will protect them if they fall. These can often be small enough as to where they don’t get in the way or feel like a burden on your child’s head. Just make sure you check for proper fit when buying. You should also get elbow or kneepads for them. These won’t help prevent a broken leg, but they most certainly can help avoid some damage to the elbows and knees if they were to fall while tree climbing.

If you want to make tree climbing even more fun for your children, you can give them a destination to climb towards. If you have the right tree on your property, you can build them a tree house. You can build it yourself, or you can find instructions online. Make sure you check out the safety of the tree for proper stability and support. You can also build steps up the side of the tree to aid in tree climbing. This will help them climb a little more safely, but they can still have a sense of exploration as they climb.