Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Have you ever considered the impact the media has on the human mind? It's truly incredible if you think about it. For example, how many television commercials do you think you watch on any given day? My guess is a lot. Heck, I can't even presume to guesstimate how many my family and I view. Now, how often do these influential and deceiving television commercials dupe you into buying or believing something? I will be the first to admit that the food ones are always the ads that get to me. I guess I really shouldn't say that they dupe people, but rather they intrigue and convince individuals. They make us crave certain things. Just take a gander at the next pizza commercial that comes on. Those darn things always make me want to order a pizza. I can't help it. I love pizza. I'm an innocent victim here!

These days I try to avoid a great deal of what television commercials pitch. As we all know, they are pitching a certain product, and making it look or seem the absolute best they can is typical. Of course they want us to buy into their spiel. This means more cash earned for them. I really try and keep my daughter on track as far as television commercials go. She is so impressionable at the tender age of seven and she tends to believe what they say. Especially when it comes to toys. As all of us adults already know from being a child in the past, television commercials totally beef up toy ads. They have you believing that the toy will do incredible and outstanding things. Then you receive the darn thing and realize it's just a chunk of plastic. What a major bummer this is when you're just a child. I can still recall the time I was duped into purchasing Thunder Cat action figures. I thought these babies were literally going to fight and attach one another. Boy, was I ever gullible.

In the world of television commercials, I will say that there are some definite gems in the bunch. You can always spot at least one current ad that catches your attention or triggers your humor switch. It's all the lame ones that drive me insane. Just take a gander at all those ridiculous infomercials. They never stop ranting on and on about working from home and pulling in six figures. Of course they only have to deal with 20 minutes of work a day. Please, give us all a break! These redundant television commercials can be discarded at any time now.