Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Nothing strikes fear in my heart greater than the possibility of having to program the television remote controls in our home. These tricky little items overwhelm me and I get a headache just thinking about the process of getting a remote control to actually work. I have enough trouble remembering which unit goes with which appliance.

I can’t count how many times I have been stuck with a television that won’t work simply because I can’t keep the television remote controls in order. Now that we have a small child who loves to push buttons the whole problem has escalated into epic proportions.

I usually have to either wait for my husband to get home so that he can program the television remote controls for me. Sometimes I bother him with a phone call at work while he is on a break but this seemed to do little for either of our spirits. He would get so frustrated because I simply couldn’t make any of the television remote controls to work.

There has to be some kind of conspiracy. I have tried everything including following the instructions for programming the television remote controls step-by-step. I can’t pinpoint exactly what goes wrong in the process but it just won’t work for me. The whole thing is really aggravating for everyone involved.

Actually, not everyone involved is quite so aggravated by the simple fact that I can’t seem to figure out how to program television remote controls. Our toddler thinks that the whole thing is pretty funny. She manages to grab the remote controls at the most inopportune times.

She also manages to toss the objects in just such a manner that the batteries pop out when they land. Of course, when I put the batteries back in I also have to reprogram the television remote controls and the cycle continues. My daughter is entertained but I am not, at least not by the TV for awhile.

Now there is a line of products created especially for people like me. Stupid Simple remote controls are designed for the technologically-challenged individual who really despises playing games with inanimate objects, especially if those inanimate objects typically win the battle.

The Stupid Simple television remote controls require no programming at all. This is so very appealing to me. The products also require a screwdriver for the batteries to be removed. I think that my toddler can get past this obstacle, though. At least I know that I never have to program the television remote controls ever again.