Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Tan Towel

The good news is that more and more people are staying out of the sun and opting for fake tans. This is great, because too much exposure to the sun not only causes premature aging, it also is the biggest reason behind skin cancer. When I was a child, we never thought about the sun, but now I dutifully slather my little girl with sunscreen every single time she ventures outside for more than five minutes. If you are looking for a great fake tan, you have a lot of ways you can go. One of the newest is the tan towel.

You can buy lotions for a fake tan, but they are always messy and hard to apply. Not only can you not see some areas of your body, it is very easy to get streaks. Though lotions have improved, the problem still remains. There are also spray-on tans, but these are definitely something you don’t want to do on your own. Most people go to a salon to get that done. If you want to try the tan towel, you may find this to be one of the easiest ways to apply self tanner at home. Though the tan towel is relatively new, it seems to be a huge hit; at least with those I know who have tried it.

You can’t find the tan towel as easily as you can the other types of self-tanner, but I suspect by next summer they will be everywhere. They are meant to take the hassle and mess out of tanning at home. Though I have not tried the tan towel myself, a few friends have told me that they really like it, and the results are usually really good. They have also said that it is by far the easiest way to apply self tanner that they have tried.

If you want to try the tan towel, or any other self-tanner for that matter, you want to do a few things before you begin. A least a week before you apply, make sure you have spent some time in the shower each day exfoliating. Pay special attention to areas with dry skin like the elbows and feet. Don’t use lotion before you apply the tan towel or any other type of tanner, and make sure you have plenty of light and time when you put it on. Lastly, make moisturizer a habit after each shower to keep your skin soft.