Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

There comes a time in everyone's life when growing up is unavoidable. Sure, many of us try to draw out those childhood years so that we can continue to avoid responsibility. At least I think that is the main reason. I know it was for me. But, once we hit that 16 year mark, many things begin to change. Obviously the driver's license comes. Considering that you don't screw up and flunk the test. Your parents start to expect more from you. This is always a blast. That chore list just continues to grow. However, there are also great things about turning sixteen. For example, got any sweet sixteen birthday party ideas? Yeah, it's about time for that massive blowout! Bring on the cake, balloons and brand new cars.

Have you ever seen that MTV television series entitled "Sweet Sixteen?" This has got to be one of the lamest shows I've ever encountered. These are some the most spoiled 16 year olds ever to exist. It will probably annoy you to say the least. Just listen to some of their sweet sixteen birthday party ideas. They want their folks to fork out hundreds of thousands on their sweet sixteen parties. The best part is how pretentious and narcissistic these youths are. They honestly believe that they deserve the world on a silver platter. In fact, you will hear many of them say "I deserve this!" Now, I can't seem to understand why they deserve all these extravagant amenities, foods, cars, performers, gifts and riches. What exactly did they do to earn such expensive things? None of them ever have jobs. Heck, they barely even turn in their school work. Their spoiled brats and that's that! Their parents need to ditch their sweet sixteen birthday party ideas and make them earn something for once in their lives. Otherwise they will always be arrogant, spoiled and immature.

Folks need to realize something about sweet sixteen birthday party ideas and coming of age. Just because you're turning 16, doesn't mean you deserve to be a king. Ponder what you actually contribute to this world. How do you make it a better place to live in? If you can't come up with anything, then you may want to make some changes in your life.