Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Storage unit(s)

After a nasty break up several years ago, I had to quickly move out of a shared apartment and into something much smaller. In having to do this, I needed to find a storage unit in which I could keep some of my furniture until I would once again have the room for it. I was hoping that a small apartment would not be my destiny for more than one year. I found a storage unit near my new apartment that I quickly moved quite a bit of furniture and items into. To my delight, the storage units that I had found were only $15 per month and I didn't have to sign a contract. I could have it for as little or long as necessary. That was just what I'd needed.

Almost a year went by, and I bought a condo. I was thrilled that I would once again be able to have room for all of the items that I'd had to keep in the storage unit. I would definitely be needing those things to fill up my new house. On moving day, we took the van to the storage units and opened up the large door. The musty smell and dampness that immediately hit us was hideous. It had not been like that when I'd moved the items in to the storage unit. The owner had assured me that the storage units were airtight and safe from all weather elements and such. However, when I approached my sofa, it was damp. It smelled of mildew and must, even having had a cover on in. My lovely dresser that had been stored that was damaged. The back of the dresser had been damp for so long that it actually had come loose and was warped. The same had occurred with a cabinet that I'd placed in the storage unit. Some of the items were not damaged at all, and the items that had been stored in plastic bins were fine. But, the
larger expensive items that I had taken care in covering properly for storage, were not fine at all. I called the owner of the storage units who agreed to meet me immediately. He arrived and surveyed the situation, shaking his head sadly. He expressed his sympathy but did not offer to do anything for me. I tried to tell him that his storage unit had led to the damage of my items and it was not acceptable. He came back with offering to refund my money but that it had been a chance I'd had to take. That offer was not acceptable to me. Getting refunded for a few months would not replace the thousands of dollars that had been ruined. He had guaranteed me that the storage units were absolutely safe and it had been a lie. I told him as much and asked if I needed to get my attorney involved. He apologized and offered to compensate me for some of the damage but that was the best that he could do.

My advice to you if you should need to utilize a storage unit sometime, is to be sure to find out exactly what the best way of storing your items truly is. Wrap them in plastic, put them in bins and try to protect your furniture in any way that you can.