Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

The first time I came across a storage bed, I was quite frankly surprised. I mean, I had never before come across a storage space that was similar to a bed and couldn’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to use the bed as a storage space. But then, I got the opportunity to see a storage bed for myself and all my doubts were set at rest. You see, nothing could be simpler than the concept of a storage bed. In fact, I would venture so far as to say that the person who came up with the concept must have been a genius! A bed typically is something that uses up a lot of accessories like linen, sheets and even pillows. Now, most households (mine included) make use of a linen closet to store these items. Again, a bed typically has a fair amount of space under it that is normally unused. Gone are the days when the riff raff lying around the house was conveniently pushed under the bed. Why not bring this demand together with the supply to create what we have come to know and appreciate as the storage bed? It is that simple.

And that effective!
When I put forth the idea of the storage bed to some of my colleagues, they were as surprised as I was. Most of them had never heard of it either. With one notable exception. There was this colleague who had a mortal fear of and one might even say dislike of storage beds.

And this was not due to some abhorrence of storing her linen with the rest of her sleeping paraphernalia.

It was purely because of an incident that occurred during her childhood. Turns out, this colleague’s family had a storage bed that was the box type. You know! The type where the storage space can only be accessed by lifting up the entire bed, mattress and all. Well, like kids are wont to do, she was playing hide and seek with some of her friends and assumed that the storage bed would be a good place to hide herself. So, having suitably emptied the storage area of linen and the like, she hid herself there.

Too well, as it turns out. The other kids kept looking for her, never found her and started bawling assuming that she had run out on them. Slowly, as there was no further sign of her (the storage bed is a secure hiding place indeed!) they all went home. Meanwhile, she was trapped inside the storage bed and basically nearly asphyxiated due to the lack of viable oxygen. Small wonder she has this lifelong fear!