Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Stationary Gifts

I used to work for Current, and while I can’t say I loved the job, it surely was one of the easiest and most pleasant jobs I have ever had. I worked in data entry, and I processed orders for the customers that come in the mail. While address labels were the most popular items ordered through Current at the time, stationary and other writing items were a close second. Stationary gifts are more than just paper and labels however, and if you look through a Current catalog, you will see what I mean. If there is a way to personalize something, Current has found it.

Stationary gifts are usually a welcome gift. A note pad with a special design or one that is personalized with someone’s name seems to be a popular and welcome gift. You can get entire sets containing pencils or pens, notepads, loose writing paper and envelopes. When it comes to stationary gifts, don’t forget about greeting cards and other gift-wrapping materials. This includes not only gift-wrap, but also designer gift bags and tissues. There are also all sorts of specialty ribbons and bows, and gift-wrapping packages in various unordinary themes. Don’t forget about other personalized items like mugs or frames.

If you want to get someone stationary gifts, Current is not your only option, though they have a great variety of products. You can find plenty of places that have stationary gifts with a simple Internet search. You can personalize stationary gifts with names, addresses, or even a special saying. If someone you love is religious in nature, you can find all kinds of stationary gifts that have religious verse and imagery.

One thing I learned about personalized stationary gifts while I worked for Current was to make sure that you have all of the information correct when you send in your order. Also, make sure you write clearly. If you don’t have good handwriting, have someone else fill out the form for you, or call in your order to a live operator. There were many times when neither my supervisor nor I could make out someone’s handwriting, and that delayed the order significantly. Quite often, the order had to be sent back if no phone number was included on the order. Remember that your order slips for stationary gifts and address label are entered into a computer by humans, and they have to be able to decipher your handwriting.