Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Are you finished with the whole tanning bed scene? That concept is not only old, it's just plain tired. Cancer in a box! It's as simple as that. Do you really want to continue paying money to acquire skin cancer and a leathery face? Hey, I know; you could audition for that new Chainsaw Massacre flick in a few years. I'm sure they will come out with something. They always do. Wouldn't it be great being Leather Face? You'd be a star. Oh, what was that? You don't find that complimenting? Well it's not my fault you're striving to attain think, leathery skin. You could quit you know. Haven't you ever heard of spray on tans? These are where it's at. You get the same golden results, but without the old complexion and cancer aspects. Now how does this new-age concept strike you?

Did you catch the last "Real World" by any chance? The cast had to run a business selling spray on tans. This didn't look too difficult. Well, aside form all their callow bickering. That certainly gets old after a few episodes, but as we all know, the show is designed this way. Regardless, it was interesting to see how the spray on tans worked. An individual would basically step into a booth with shorts or nothing on, and spray nozzles would hose them down. Apparently it dries fairly quickly, and you're left with a nice healthy tan. This is most likely the wave of the future. People have to be getting a clue about tanning booths and the dangers regarding the sun's rays. These two old-school methods of tanning are out the window.

If you truly must have a tan each and every summer, then you should consider spray on tans above all. Head to the beach with your sun-block and sunglasses. Keep your skin in good health for future beauty as well. I seriously doubt you want to end up like one of those old folks on the beach, who resemble an old pair of cowboy boots. This is not a pretty sight. When this summer draws near and you have the sudden itch to go tanning, try contemporary spray on tans at the local salon. It's worth the money and effort. Preserve your skin and your health.