Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Speeding Tickets

My stepfather is a truck driver, and speeding tickets are not something to be taken lightly. If you get too many, you aren’t able to work, and when that happens, the bills don’t get paid. Truck drivers are often on tight schedules and at times, they have to cover a lot of ground in a short time. When something like this happens, they end up speeding to get to their destination in time. As you might imagine, speeding tickets can be part of the job. When you get one that you want to fight however, you may need a little help.

Not only are there fines involved when you get speeding tickets, you get points on your license as well. If you want to fight a ticket, you can do it yourself. However, if a truck driver gets speeding tickets far from home, it’s not always feasible to go back to where they got the ticket to appear in court. When this happens, some turn to lawyers who specialize in fighting speeding tickets for truck drivers.

In my stepfather’s case, he got his ticket in California but he resides in Pennsylvania. There was no way he could get back there just to fight the ticket, so he hired someone to do it for him. It wasn’t cheap. The fine for the ticket was much less than what he paid this lawyer, but it wasn’t the money he was worried about, it was the points on his license he couldn’t afford to have. You really have to be careful about who you hire for something like this. This lawyer guaranteed results, but failed, and my stepfather was not able to get his money back.

The best way to get out of speeding tickets is to not get them at all. For most of us, our speeding sessions aren’t an everyday occurrence, but there are times when we do it. If you get pulled over, your best bet is to be honest with the police officer, and admit you were speeding. They may give you a warning, or you may still get a ticket, but if you argue and throw a fit, you can be sure you’re going to get that ticket.

Also remember that where you got caught speeding will determine how much of a fine you get. Speeding tickets given in school or construction zones can be high. If you can’t seem to lay off the lead foot, at least be more careful in these areas. The reason these speeding tickets are so high is because the safety of others is highly threatened and you are putting lives at risk.

You can fight these types of speeding tickets as well, but I’m afraid you aren’t going to have much luck. If you want to hire a lawyer, just make sure you check them out first, or you may end up missing a lot of money, like my stepfather, and still having to pay the fine and deal with the points on your license.