Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Shoe Rack

Got shoes? I do. I have more shoes than I need, many more, and my husband often reminds me of this every single day. I don’t know where to put my shoes, and quite often, someone trips over them in the middle of the night. It’s not that I’m lazy; it’s just that there are so many of them. Perhaps they have started a union and have decided to take over the household. I don’t even remember buying some of them, so perhaps they are bringing outside help. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are organized, and ready to attack. They situate themselves so that someone gets hurt. I’ve even tried to use a shoe rack to keep them in check, but even that doesn’t seem to work.

The first shoe rack I had was a rather short set of shelves. It said shoe rack on the box, so I bought it. I was tired of hearing the complaints from my husband, and he wasn’t buying my mutiny story. I dutifully put some of my shoes on the rack, and put others that I don’t wear very often in the closet. By the end of the week, the shoes were scattered around the house again and only one pair was left on the shoe rack, and they weren’t even my shoes. This convinced me further that there were outside forces at work here. It’s not me, I put them away, I swear it!

The shoe rack soon became a place for toys, so I had to go buy yet another. This one hung from the back of my closet door. That should have worked, as the shoes were all confined to the closet. What I failed to realize was that the pair of shoes I left by the door had other plans. Perhaps they let the other shoes out, I don’t know, but they all managed to escape the shoe rack. My husband said if I blame it on the shoes one more time, he’s going to commit me.

I soon learned to live with my messy shoe habits. I know that the shoes aren’t really conspiring against me, and I know it’s me that leaves them lying around, but do you think I’m going to admit it to him? Until he cleans up his act, I can do what I please. The shoe rack in the closet still holds two pairs of shoes, but they are shoes I never wear. The rest of the pockets are now filled with scrapbook supplies. At least it is good for something.