Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Sending Flowers

Romantic gestures are very welcome, and I don't believe any woman who says otherwise. We all like to receive gifts from our partners. Sending flowers may not be very original but it's still guaranteed to make me feel warm and fuzzy. It's a generation thing too. Men used to be embarrassed to walk into a florist shop and were accused of having done something they were feeling guilty about if they bought flowers for their lady. Now, sending flowers is commonplace and you don't have to step inside a florist anymore. You can order flowers online or get them from the supermarket or gas station.

They say that red roses signify love and yellow roses signify friendship. This floral code of meanings is useful to bear in mind, in order to avoid any misunderstandings! It may be a cliché to some people but I still think a dozen red roses is the most romantic gesture in the world. There's something about that flower and that color that spells devotion. Sending flowers is a pretty safe thing to do too. Chocolates can be unwelcome to women who are trying to diet. It's best to save the extravagant bouquets until the relationship is well established. A giant bunch of flowers arriving at the office after a first date is a little overwhelming.

Husbands, who have been married a long time, need to keep on their toes. Sending flowers to their wives is a sure fire way of letting them know that they are still appreciated. It also keeps the romance alive in the midst of the mundane, daily chores of running a house.

In this age of emancipation, everything should be a question of equal opportunities and not getting trapped in stereotypical gender roles. Women sending flowers to men however, has never really caught on. It just doesn't feel right for some reason. I guess it's because of hundreds of years of conditioning about men's and women's roles. It's like women proposing, it doesn't sit comfortably.

Flowers of course aren't just there for romantic purposes. When family and friends need our support, in times of illness or grief, we turn to sending flowers as a means of letting them know that we are thinking of them. They can give us a morale boost at difficult times, not because of any practical benefit, but because someone took the time to do something just for us. Flower power will never go away.