Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Scrabble Board Game

I have always enjoyed playing the Scrabble board game, and I have recently found that you can play it online as well. I don’t, because I don’t like playing with strangers much, but I can imagine it is a lot of fun. You can also find a travel version of this and other board games if you know where to look. Scrabble has been around for a long time, and many people enjoy playing the different versions you can buy. There are even other games that are spin offs of the original.

I have recently found out that the Scrabble board game is fun when you have had a few drinks. I’m not a big drinker at all, but when I get together with friends that I haven’t seen in a while, I tend to have a few drinks. On one such occasion this past summer, I saw a few friends that I only get to see once a year. We had a few drinks and decided we want to play the game. I’m not sure why, I think it was perhaps because there was a Scrabble board game sitting there were we were staying.

The game started out fine, but it is really hard to think straight when you have been drinking, as you may well know. We got halfway though the game when my friend started making up words. Normally she wouldn’t do that, but this time, she was doing it on purpose. Being as silly as we were, this was for some reason the funniest thing we had seen in a long time. It reminded me of the movie Tommy Boy when they were talking about the word ‘roads’. Nothing sounded like a word anymore, whether it was a real word or not.

You don’t have to be drunk to enjoy the Scrabble board game though. It is a fun game in any state of mind, and can be a great way to expand your own vocabulary, or to help your child spell and learn new words. It can be a great family game, and can be played any time you want. The game will not go on forever like a game of Monopoly, so you can usually finish it up in an hour or so. You can find a Scrabble board game in most toy stores, and you can also find them online both new and used.