Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Psychic ability

As a child, I always thought that my mother had some form of psychic ability. She seemed to know what we were doing when we weren't in her presence and she seemed to know when were hurting. I still can't tell you whether she had some psychic ability or if it was simply her maternal instincts.

A normal person only uses 10% of their brain. That means that 90% of your brain is just there, not being used. What lays in that large, unused part of the brain? Could that be where a psychic ability is located and found?

Perhaps that 90% of your brain is your subconscious and may be responsible for many things that cannot be explained even by science. Having psychic ability can be a scary and wonderful gift. To some extent, we all have it, we simply are not aware of it. There are many people who are very in tune with themselves and their psychic ability and are able to do some amazing things.

If you've ever heard the phone ring and instinctively know who it is or what the call is about, then you've experienced some psychic ability. Or, if you've ever known what someone is going to say before they speak the words, that's a touch of your psychic ability as well.

To have a psychic ability doesn't necessarily mean that you can read someone's palms or predict their futures. It means that you are more in tune with your subconscious than you ever realized. Some people are able to use their psychic ability to have more intense occurrences and actually are able to communicate with the deceased and move objects with their thoughts. As much as I think that I would like to have that level of psychic ability, it sort of gives me the creepy crawly's just thinking about it.

When people refer to their own or someone else's psychic ability, they might call it a sixth sense. In actuality, it really is a sixth sense. Only, not everyone is aware of the fact that we have it and merely aren't paying attention to what may be going on.

If you can say that you have never had an experience that has tapped into your psychic ability, you just may not have been recognizing it. If you start becoming more aware of yourself and your surroundings, you may notice your psychic ability. I'm not suggesting that you can turn into a superhero, but perhaps you may more in tune with your psychic ability than you think.