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6 months ago

Potty Training

The words ‘potty training’ may strike fear in the most stable of parents, and this is for good reason. Potty training is rarely easy, but it is an essential. Rest assured, your child will be trained, but getting from diapers to toilet paper might take some doing. This is a major milestone in your child’s life, and they need you to be patient and understanding. Some experts say being too hard on a child while potty training can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Timing is everything when you are potty training. If your child is not ready, it’s not going to happen.

Girls tend to train faster and earlier than boys, but each child will be different. If your daughter is later than other children her age, try not to stress about it. She will get it done before she starts school. The key is to wait until they are ready, and not to push them too hard.

Using the potty can be a traumatic experience for children, and they need love and understanding.

Before you even begin potty training, you should be prepared. One good motto to keep in your mind is ‘accidents happen’. This is because they do, and they will.

You will know your child is ready for potty training when they keep their diapers dry for long periods of time, when they start letting you know they are going, and when they show an interest in the potty. If you have all of these signals, you can give it a trail run. If they are super resistant, let it go for a later date.

Some parents use Pull-ups for help with potty training. I have heard differing opinions on this, and chose not to use them myself.

Some say it is simply another diaper, and can lead to delays in potty training. As for me, I went from diaper to underwear immediately, and it worked well for my daughter. I let her pick out her own underwear, and she was excited to wear it. She had decided upon Wiggles and Dora underwear, and she didn’t want to make a mess of them.

There are books that can help your child understand potty training, and what is going on with their bodies.

These books have slightly comical titles, but are a great tool to help your child overcome any fear of potty training they may have. You can find these books online, in department stores, and at your local books store or library.