Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

For me, plants are practically my life. I love the way that they look, sitting there in their trays by the window, hungering for the sun. But, the problem is that I am not always the most responsible with them in terms of nurturing them. I often forget to water them on time, and my old tin watering can would often sit there for days and days without getting any attention.

I have all together given up on watering my garden outside as I do not even remember where the hose is at. Fortunately, however, since I got my plastic watering can, I have been much more responsible, at least at watering all of my window trays.

The plastic watering can is so bright and cheery, I simply can not resist its charm. I water the plants on time with it almost every single day.

For me, the perfect plastic watering can has to look cheerful enough to draw your attention and make you remember to take good care of the plants that you are keeping. It is important to remember that not all plastic watering can are created the same, and that is for sure.

My plastic watering can has that cheerful and slightly childish look that I have always find reassuring. It is kind of typical, as far as plastic watering cans go. It has a daisy on the tip of the spout, which is itself kind of in the shape of one long flower stem.

The rest of the plastic watering can is covered in small, pretty flowers in red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Some purists would say that a plastic watering can like that will really stick out in a room, and throw off the whole balance of the space, but that is the whole point after all.

It is hard not to notice that plastic watering can, which in turn makes it hard not to water my plants.

Of course, someone who is a bit more regular with the watering might prefer a more sedate metal watering can, one that will harmonize a little bit more with the decor of the room.

I have to admit that that is the style that I would choose if I did not need a reminder. But as it is, the plastic watering can that I have works quite well, and I have even started to find it to be kind of pretty.