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6 months ago

Planning a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a traditional way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby, and to give thoughtful gifts that new parents will need to take care of the baby. Planning a baby shower can be lots of fun, but where do you start?

Planning a baby shower can make one's head reel (though not to the extent of spewing green pea soup with our head twisted backward)! I’m sure you get the picture. Any event of this kind, whether it is a baby shower, wedding shower, or bachelorette party, can be stressful if it’s not well planned! Who wants to be remembered as the disastrous host who threw the “memorable for all the wrong reasons” gathering?! Yes, there are lots of decisions to be made, and it is the responsibility of the host to pull it off without a snap.

Take it one step at a time and plan it thoroughly so that you don’t forget a thing!

How should host the baby shower? It was once thought to be poor baby shower etiquette for the expectant mother’s mother, sister, or close relative to be the host of the shower, but now it is fine for anyone to be the host, except the expectant mother of course.

The hostess of the shower should want to make it memorable for the expectant mother or couple, and be considerate of gift preferences and find out if a certain gift registry has been chosen. When planning a baby shower, you’ll want to choose a date at least a month before the expected due date. Your party may be interrupted by an unplanned arrival if it’s held too late!

Start by visiting www.babyshower101.com or www.babycenter.com/baby-shower to learn about baby shower etiquette, invitations, tableware, party favors, balloons, decorations, food and drink, and much more. For fun baby shower game ideas go to www.babyshowergamesatoz.com, where you can find some traditional baby shower game favorites and some you would have never ever thought of! It doesn’t matter if it is a first baby, or second or third, every birth is a reason to celebrate. Encourage guests to bring gifts that will make the parent's life easier, take a diaper collection, or even give baby-sitting coupons.

A gift certificate for a favorite restaurant would also be nice, once the new parents are comfortable and settled in with their new arrival. Planning a baby shower is exciting, and there are lots of great ideas out there, so relax! It will be the perfect baby shower!