Pclasp (@admin)
6 months ago

Picnic idea

A picnic idea can be appropriate in many ways. A company may be wondering how to gather up the employees for a get-together. A picnic idea would be wonderful for that.

Find a pavilion in a park that has a great playground for the children, and a covered roof for inclement weather. Employees can each bring a covered dish or the picnic can be catered.

A picnic idea can be great for a baby shower, bridal shower, reception, or any other informal affair that you can imagine. You could have a formal picnic idea in mind, but unless you are prepared for braving the rain or cold, a formal event may be better indoors.

A picnic idea can be great for a graduation or birthday party as well. The outdoors makes for a great setting.

A picnic idea can be great for setting the mood for romance. A spouse or significant other may plan a surprise picnic for a loved one.

A picnic idea could be very simple or incredibly detailed. I've known some couples who have gotten engaged while on a picnic and others that simply celebrate anniversaries on a casual picnic.

A former client of mine had a romantic picnic idea in mind when he was planning on popping the question to his now wife. He packed up a picnic basket of her favorite meal and a bottle of wine. He set up a romantic candlelit area on a local beach and had her meet him there.

He knew where she would be parked, and he'd dropped red rose petals down the entire sandy path to where he was waiting. His picnic idea paid off when she reached him in tears, and he handed her a dozen roses. Their fairytale has lasted for ten years and is still going strong.

A picnic idea can be great for indoors as well. If you love the idea of a picnic but it may be raining, snowing or is simply cold outside, you can customize your picnic idea for indoors.

You can still create the picnic atmosphere by spreading out a blanket in a certain room, packing a picnic basket and eating on the floor. Any kind of décor can be added, plus you won't have the annoyances of bugs or a breeze blowing anything away. Not to mention that fact that clean up might be a lot easier.

A picnic idea is such a warm and fun idea for just about anything you can think of. Whether it be indoors using the imagination, or a romantic outdoor picnic idea, you can make it unique and special. You just have to have the creativity.