Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

A lot of people really like paper mache boxes, especially when they are kids. I think that the popularity of the paper mache box stems from a couple of factors. It is easy to decorate, cheap to buy and to produce, and it has a nice finished look, and a good solid feel. When I was a kid, we used to go, for birthdays and such, to a place where we would buy paper mache animals, paper mache boxes, or whatever other objects struck our fancy. Then, we would get to paint them with paints that the place would supply. I used to love doing this, but thinking back on the experience, I think that we were robbed of half of the fun. There is so much more to paper mache boxes than just the experience of painting them.

I did not really understand the full potential of paper mache until man years later – quite recently in fact. In art class, we spent a whole month working with no other materials. We made and decorated paper mache boxes at first, but after that, we took it a whole lot further. We made paper mache masks, and paper mache animals, to name just a few things. It was really a whole lot of fun. But, of course, the part on paper mache boxes was my favorite by far, because it reminded me so clearly of my childhood. As a final, we were allowed to choose any art project that we wished, and I decided to make several more paper mache boxes that stacked inside each other. It was so much fun that I can hardly explain it. I had always thought that art was not for me, but after making those paper mache boxes, I realized that there as some art that I could really get quite passionate about.

Since then, I have been a fanatic for anything made out of paper mache. I have made paper mache boxes, filled with little treats and surprises, for my family for each of the last several holidays, and it shows no sign of getting boring. Often they do not say a whole lot when they get one of my paper mache boxes as a surprise, but I am pretty sure that they really do appreciate what I am doing, by giving them something personal and soul felt, instead of your average silly store bought gift.