Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Well, it looks like summer is coming to a close. It's now time to get that fire wood stacked for the cold season. Okay, so we're actually not to that point yet, but it will come soon. It always does. Time flies by so fast now days, I definitely have trouble keeping up. Am I mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway? It all tends to run together anymore. Do you ever feel this way? Anyway, I guess since the cold season is drawing near, it will be time to put away the outdoor cooking equipment. Right? Whatever! I for one am not storing my outdoor cooking equipment away for the cool months. This is when I use it most. Heck, I love grilling out in the fall and winter. As long as the weather allows it, I'm good to go. So this basically means if it is not snowing or raining. How about yourself? Are you also a hardcore griller?

It's very hard to beat that wonderful char-grilled flavor that only the outdoor cooking equipment can provide. I am talking about the old-school charcoal grills. You know, the ones you used as a child. I completely got addicted to the grilled meats and vegetables. The smoky flavor sets my taste buds at ease. What is your favorite dish to grill up? I am going to go with shrimp and vegetable skewers. Yum! Can't you just taste it right now with some Cajun grill rub on it? That makes for a magnificent meal. This past summer I probably made use of my Weber grill and outdoor cooking equipment about once a week. That's probably a tad more than the typical family. As for the fall, I will use it much more. I am a cool weather nut. Just give me 60 degrees for most of the year and I will be stoked. The main thing I love about grilling outdoors and the outdoor cooking equipment these days is the vast selection. I mean just take a gander at what is on the market these days. It's truly amazing. You can basically purchase an entire kitchen for outdoors. That's the kind of outdoor cooking equipment a guy like me dreams of.

Probably some of the finest outdoor cooking equipment I have come across is online. The website, Frontgate.com has an awesome selection of stuff like this. Now, keep in mind that the upper-scale outdoor cooking equipment can cost you a pretty penny. It all depends on how much you love it.