Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Just about every family has a real nut as a member. Why not make a special nut gift basket for this character? The process of making the arrangement is pretty simple but you can also find pre-made arrangements as well. Sometimes creating your own nut gift basket is cost effective and sometimes it’s not.

We all know that this kind of snack is relatively expensive. If you don’t already own gift basket supplies you might want to leave this project up to the professionals. The cost of making a nut gift basket can be really pricy if you are not careful in the process. You can spend a lot more money in the long run if you try to take on the project yourself.

I usually make various arrangements for friends and family. Since my dad is the nut in our family, I decided to make a nut gift basket just for him. I spent little time looking for the core products like the container and packaging materials but the little nuts themselves were another story. My dad’s nut gift basket was an undertaking that I really underestimated.

Of course, I wanted to include a variety of the favorite treats in the nut gift basket. Dad is particularly found of pistachios. He will eat handfuls of them at a time. He puts the shelled pistachios into his mouth and works each treat out of its shell. Then he discards the empty shells. The practice has been one of amazement as well as embarrassment for me and my siblings.

Pistachios were on the top of my list and I was a little surprised by the price of these little snacks. One little bag of the pistachios quickly shrunk my budget for the nut gift basket project. I still had a few more nuts to collect as well and I was starting to get a little nervous about the undertaking.

Dad must have expensive tastes because the next snack on the list was macadamias. He loves to eat these plain but he really loves them when they are dipped in chocolate. Just one package of the natural variety and one package of the chocolate covered variety cleared out my budget for the whole nut gift basket.

I had to choose a smaller container than I originally selected and I was really aggravated when I saw a complete nut gift basket for less than what I spent on the few items I bought. Dad did love his present and the card that said, “You drive us nuts” but I really think that the professionally made nut gift basket would have been better. There’s always next year.