Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

I decided to buy my husband and my daughter the same gift this year. This may come as a surprise considering that there is a 36 year age difference between them. However, I know that they will both like getting a Native American doll as a present. They are just getting very different kinds.

The traditional Hopi katsinas is a Native American doll that does not look like a doll at all. The katsinas are not toys. They are very serious pieces of artwork. Each of this type of Native American doll is hand crafted. They are constructed of cottonwood root and are carved by hand in great detail.

I saw this item online when I was shopping for our daughter. Of course, the costruction and detail of this Native American doll is not for children. It is more of a figurine used for display rather than a toy. No other tribe creates the katsinas other than the Hopi. Other tribes carve figures but none are authentically katisnas if they are not created by a Hopi Indian.

The Hopi used the katsinas as teaching tools. Each of the Native American dolls was carved to represent religious icons. The figurine is used to represent an important aspect of the Hopi religion and it is definitely a Native American doll that is not to be played with.

I’m not sure if the Lakota Angel that I chose for my daughter should be played with, either. The delicate detail on this beautiful Native American doll is far too fragile for her little hands. However, I really wanted to get her something that was from this culture because it is part of her heritage.

The angel hovers over a dream catcher and she is wrapped in a colorful blanket. The beautiful Native American doll is adorned with beads and feathers and she looks as if she is floating in mid air.

There were many Native American dolls to choose from but the Lakota Angel really stood out for me. I immediately thought of my daughter when I saw it. There were others that stood out as well. I really liked the Lakota Cradle Baby and the Bundle Baby is so cute that I wanted to hug the doll.

Hopefully, they will like their presents. They are both getting a Native American doll but they are both getting very different presents with very different meaning.