Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Mystery books

I could spend hours in a book store. If I tell my husband that I'm going to Borders or Barnes and Noble, he sighs. He knows that he won't see me for quite a while. Once I enter a bookstore, I head straight for the mystery books. I'm not picky about the mystery books that I do read - they can be a ghost story or a murder to solve. As long as the plot and story keeps me guessing and makes me not want to put it down at night, I'm into it. There are some authors in particular that I can say are my favorite but I'm always open to newcomers.

I joined a book club, Literary Guild, many years ago. Since I have long since fulfilled my commitment to them, I get all kinds of great deals on not only mystery books, but every genre. The club has my preferences of mystery books on file and because of that, I often get to preview books before they hit the shelves. I can also pre-order some mystery books in advance and have them shipped the moment they are released. I love that. To me, there is nothing better than curling up under the covers or on my recliner with a blanket and a brand new mystery book in my hand. Every once in a while, if the book is absolutely amazing, I have been known to stay up until the middle of the night to finish it. At first, it drove my husband crazy, but now he gets the bed to himself for a few hours and loves it.

My love of mystery books started in my youth. I loved the idea of trying to solve a puzzle and figure something out. My daughter has been reading for a year now and has started to enjoy mystery books of her own. I often sit down with her and let her read them to me, knowing that the mental stimulation of not only reading, but trying to figure things out is helping her grow and learn.

There are so many places that you can buy books, it is amazing. There are tons of online sites now that you can purchase books from. You can walk into the mall and find them in lots of stores other than book stores. You can join a book club, such as the Literary Guild, and have them delivered right to your front door. Reading is one of the best and most wonderful things you can do for yourself and encourage your children to do. It doesn't just have to be mystery books.