Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Everything is getting more expensive. From gas to groceries, the price of everyday life is going up and there does not seem to be much we can do about it. Our wallets are feeling the pinch like never before. In a time when people are finding it difficult just to get by, how can you expect to send your children to college? Finding enough money for college is practically impossible.

I went in-state for my college education and watched hopelessly as the cost of tuition went up approximately five percent every school year. What could the students or the parents of students do about it? The short answer is “nothing.” If you want a degree you had better prepare yourself for the difficult time you will undoubtedly have getting your hands on enough money for college.

I got good grades in high school, participated in extra-curricular activities and scored pretty highly on my college entrance exams. It didn’t help much. Every last penny it cost me to finish college came from my own pocket. To earn money for college I held two part time jobs while taking more than a full schedule at college. I would take one and a half workloads every semester so that I could graduate early and avoid racking up a huge debt. I had to eventually take out a small loan in order to have enough money for college. It will take me several years to pay off that loan, and by “several” I mean at least ten or fifteen.

Having enough money for college may necessitate taking out a student loan. If you cannot get a scholarship or grant a student loan may be the only way to get enough money for college tuition and other expenses. At the in-state level, you must plan on needing at least ten thousand dollars a year. That is the absolute minimum. Depending on your living arrangements and lifestyle, twenty thousand dollars may be more accurate.

College is expensive and there is no way around it. Most students will have to work through college in order to survive. If you are one of the lucky ones whose parents give them money for college you should kiss the ground your parents walk on. Most people who have to take out student loans will be paying on them for thirty years. If you have been blessed and will avoid this situation, at least be grateful.