Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Every girl’s dream is to have one special night where they have a knight in shining armour at their side, a beautiful dress that makes them feel the center of attention, and an evening full of magic that lasts forever. But do young women today realize the styles of dresses they’re choosing for their proms don’t bring out that fairytale appearance? Instead of modest prom dresses that look elegant and chic, young women are choosing dresses that push up their chests, expose their cleavage and bare their backs.

I’ll admit women’s clothing styles have changed immensely over the years. Ankles used to be nearly obscene, and anything clinging was kept to the bedroom. Today’s silky materials would probably be considered scandalous, and the now-common bare shoulders enough to draw gasps. Modest prom dresses back then were stiff, the skirts poking out rather than swirling around calves. The modest prom dresses had bodices covering the bare skin of chests and sleeves to hide shoulders.

Visit the boutiques today and you’ll see that there are indeed many dresses that are both elegant and understated. Young women turn up their noses at anything that covers too much, and their image of what modest prom dresses are can described in one word, boring. While the Paris runway styles of bare stomach evening gowns haven’t quite hit the prom scene yet, it’s just a matter of time before one girl gets bold and wears something even more revealing to her prom, starting another wake of change.

Is there any way to get our daughters back into dresses with puffed skirts and bridesmaid-demure necklines? Well, children learn from role models and as parents, we have to look around us at what we’re accepting on the streets every day. Short shorts are getting shorter and bikini tops are common apparel in warmer months. How many young women are exposed to ballroom-type gown clothing enough to see the true, fashionable yet modest prom dresses they should be choosing over more revealing choices?

The truth of fashion is that what’s acceptable is what’s commonly seen. While young women are continually exposed to clothing in everyday use that’s becoming more and more revealing, they’ll apply that design to their idea of what a prom dress is. Soon enough, what’s currently raising eyebrows will soon be a thing of the past. The next generation might push the limits even further, following the model of everyday fashion until today’s revealing gowns become the modest prom dresses of the past.