Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Missing people

After the devastating tsunami hit in December of 2004, there were more than a few missing people. Bodies washed up everywhere and some have never been identified. The list of missing people continued to grown dramatically. Entirely too many innocent lives were lost on that tragic day. After Hurricane Katrina hit, there were also missing people that were being reported constantly. Eventually, after some of the chaos ended, most of the families found their loved ones. However, there are still names on the missing people list that should not be there.

Every year, there are thousands of missing people reported. The majority of those reported missing are adults or teenagers. The teenagers usually turn out to be upset runaways and return home eventually. The missing adults are usually those who simply want to walk away from their life and not be found. Not all of the missing people have met an untimely ending. However, there are many that do. There are people who will tell you that missing people reports are not high on a police priority list unless it involves a child. When a young child goes missing now, it gets national attention. The Amber Alert has help to prevent a lot of missing children escape from bad situations. Police know that children don't just vanish, someone has to have had a hand in that. However, police tend to not put as much emphasis on missing people. There isn't any excuse for missing people reports to be as ignored as they tend to be. Most often, foul play is not involved but without checking into it, you can't be too certain. There
have been cases throughout the country where a crime scene is discovered with plenty of evidence suggesting that something horrible happened, but the victims are not found. Perhaps the victims are on a missing people list but no one will ever find answers without some investigation. Somehow, some of those incidents just get chalked up to 'unsolved.'

Missing people reports should be taken more seriously. Granted, there are entirely too many missing people every year to spend time tracking down all of them. Most of those missing people want to be missing for a reason. However, there are many families out there without answers and positive that their loved ones would not have run away. They may never have answers. If police could put more emphasis on helping to track down those missing people and identifying remains when they are found, more people could have closure. If you are looking for missing people who have simply relocated, there are various sites on the internet that can help you start your search.