Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Message in a bottle

The movie 'Message in a Bottle' with Kevin Costner many years ago seems to have inspired a new romantic and personalized gift that has becoming increasingly more popular. You can now purchase your very own message in a bottle for yourself or most likely, a friend or loved one. There are several sites that offer this incredibly sentimental and personalized gift idea. Though the basis is the same, each site varies on prices and unique offerings. It seems that now you can express your love or appreciation for someone by sending them a message in a bottle. You name the occasion and you can send a message in a bottle with that theme.

A coworker's boyfriend sent her a marriage proposal in a very unique message in a bottle that had every female in our building melting. She had no idea it was coming and to receive a package at work was very unusual for her. When she opened it up and saw a bottle laying in a box, she was clueless. After opening it up and reading the message, she started to cry. Those sitting nearest to her dove to gawk at the message in a bottle that she'd received and congratulating her. Her boyfriend appeared in person, moments later. Of course, they are on their way to living happily ever after. Until that moment, I had not even known that you could buy or send a message in a bottle. I thought that it was the most romantic gesture I had ever witnessed.

I started to make a list of all of the people that I could send one to and any upcoming occasions. After doing some research and looking at the sites that specialized in them, I narrowed my list down because of the costs. When you're sending such an exquisite and unique gift, by all means, it may cost a bit more than a traditional gift. While a personalized gift and gesture is romantic and unique, some people are on a tighter budget. My mother's birthday was rapidly approaching and so I chose to send her one. I knew that she would greatly appreciate a message in a bottle and treasure it for years to come. As I suspected, she absolutely loved it. She said that never in all of her years had she received something so creative. She also said that she would have never thought there were companies in existence that you could purchase a message in a bottle. While many people may think it sounds like a romantic occurrence that is only seen in a movie, you could make someone's day by sending them their own message in a bottle.