Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Recently my sister found out that her grandson has asthma. She was not overly surprised because her husband has allergies and her son; the child’s father also has asthma. Both her husband and her son only need to take medication as needed, however her grandson was placed on daily medications as well as an inhaler. My sister went to the allergist with her son and grandson. She wanted to know if there were things that they could do within their home to keep their grandson more comfortable when he comes for visits.

She was surprised that there are so many products on the market that can help people with allergies and asthma. The doctor suggested getting an air purifier for the home. He also suggested sanitizing the child’s bed and then placing an anti-allergy mattress cover on it. This will help to keep dust mites at bay. Dust mites are the main trigger for allergy and asthma attacks that occur during the night. The doctor told them that they could get the special mattress cover at a medical supply store or at one of the larger pharmacies. He also stated that it is important to vacuum clean often to keep dust under control. Also running the air conditioner rather than having the windows opened will help keep him more comfortable.

My sister went along with her son to purchase the mattress cover. They were high quality and not much more expensive than any other mattress cover. She decided to buy one for their bed also. She also purchased hypo allergenic pillow cases. She thought this may help her husband with his allergies. The mattress cover has a soft plastic liner between the layers of fabric. The mattress cover is washable and is quiet. The plastic liner is to help to keep dust mites from getting into your sleeping area. She put the new bedding on at the beginning of August which has always been one of the most difficult months for her husband due to the blooming of ragweed.

I checked with her in the middle of the month to see how things were going. She said that she bought the air purifier and also did the other things that the doctor had suggested for her grandson. Her husband’s allergies have been very good when he is at home. He has problems with a running nose and watering eyes while he is at work, but within an hour of getting home his symptoms are gone. This has greatly cut down on the medications that he has to take. She is glad that she bought the mattress cover and pillow cases. Her grandson is more comfortable when in his controlled environment at home.