Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

It seems that the idea of giving gift baskets has turned into a full time home based business opportunity for some people. I have noticed several advertisements in our local newspaper listing gift baskets for sale for all occasions. The ads encourage people to visit the designers and to develop their own baskets for the person they are shopping for. I decided to go to one of the local basket makers to see what they had available. I was looking for a gift idea for my husband’s father who is in the nursing home I also wanted a gift for two of my sisters as well as my neighbor. I had thought of making gift baskets for them, but I thought I would see the pre-made ones first.

I was disappointed in the price that the person was asking for the gift baskets. Also the quality of the items seemed to be poor. I decided that it would be much easier making gift baskets myself. This way I could include quality items and not have items in the basket that I did not want. I went to a local discount store to pick out items for making gift baskets. I began looking through the baskets that were available. For my neighbor I found an old fashioned picnic style basket that had the hinged lid. She does a great deal of hand sewing so this would be perfect. I put a sewing scissors, thimble, thread, needles and a pin cushion in the basket. I also found a box of her favorite chocolates. For my father- in-law I found a basket that was shaped like a fishing creel. He had always enjoyed fishing. I put several kinds of sugar free candies in his basket. He is a diabetic so he needs to watch his sugar intake. I also put in a deck of cards as well as some dice so he could play games with other patients at the facility. I was finding that I was enjoying making gift baskets. For one of my sisters I decided to use a beach bag for the gift basket. She has a cabin that she goes to several weekends a year so she could use the bag to carry personal items. I put in a beach towel, sunscreen and a new novel. For my other sister I used a wicker basket and filled it with several bath gels and body lotions.

By making the gift baskets myself I was able to customize each of them to the person and also save money. I was not paying for items that I knew the person would not use, and I was in control of the quality of the items. This saved me money as well as insuring that I had special gifts for each.

I think baskets make great gifts, and they are fun to shop for. Making gift baskets will let you be creative and allows for great cost control.