Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Everyone’s always interested in their ancestors and where they came from. People, when they make a family tree, enjoy finding out that their roots came from a foreign country. Starting with yourself as the root, make a family tree and watch the branches expand as you research where you came from and your ancestors.

You’ll need to start by creating a chart for names and information, which can be as simple as a piece of paper with some squares drawn on, branching them upwards and expanding as you find new ancestors, or you can find a nice, hardcover genealogy book that includes specialized charts. Should you choose to buy a specialized book, avoid writing in it until you’ve drafted out your family tree. When you make a family tree, you may find that who you thought to be part of your family really comes from a different line of people with the same name. Your book may be ruined because of wrong names you’ve already written in.

Begin by writing down your parent’s names, and if you know them, their parents as well. This should be fairly easy if one or both of your parents are still living, but if they’ve passed on, other family members such as aunts or uncles can help you out. Close family friends can also provide valuable information when it comes time to make a family tree. Should you be adopted, adoption agencies today can often help you find your birth parents or tell you how to go about looking for them to make a family tree.

When you find out people’s names also write down the basics, such as dates and place names. Note where your ancestors have resided, and their occupations. Make a family tree as complete as possible by including any other information you can find, including illnesses, diseases and medical information. You’ll find when you make a family tree that genetics is a good thing to know, and can help doctors explain a disease should you ever fall sick because many times, diseases run in families.

Once you’ve run out of easy resources, the web can be an invaluable tool. There are many genealogy databases available, and you’ll find all sorts of people doing the same as you: tracing their ancestors and gathering information. All sorts of resources can be found at genealogy websites, and you can gain a network of important contacts. Feel free to email other people, in case they can help you fill in the blanks. You’ll find that when you make a family tree, a lot of people will open up to help, and you’ll find yourself doing the same in return.

There may be gaps and dead ends, but you’ll gain a sense of identity during the process. You’ll discover stories to tell and interesting tidbits to share with friends and family, and you’ll be able to pass your work on to your children, so they can feel the same pride you do in knowing where they come from.